Attention teachers, PAC, and all fundraising groups – We can help you raise big funds fast!

Way to Grow Products can supply you with a large variety of garden products at wholesale prices!



We manufacture large selections of high quality, pre-bagged, indoor and outdoor soils, 100% pure manures and landscape rocks since 1984! We offer you wholesale prices in order for you to have the opportunity to effectively compete with local garden centres and lumber yards.


We also offer exceptional volume discounts and advertising rebates! You can fundraise our products alone, or combine with any other fundraising event. Our soils and manures are great fundraising products for any season!


Our products are available immediately, year-round, and have no minimum orders.

A Way to Grow fundraiser can work over any length of time you choose.

Simply select a time frame (usually 2-3 weeks), pick suitable products to sell over that period, and set your selling price.

We suggest you at least double your cost.


Use our supplied order form, or create your own and send the students out selling and collecting payments as they go. You may prefer to use a call-in number to collect the orders by phone or another method.

Ask us about our advertising allowance and put an ad in your local newspaper!


Keep us informed of your approximate quantities required and selected delivery date. Once your set time frame is past, simply tally up your total sales and place the order with us.

NOTE: Soils and manures are sold in full pallet quantities only.

Way to grow products are stacked on 40” x 48” pallets and wrapped in UV stable black plastic. Simply unwrap and orders can be picked right off the pallet!

10L bag holds 200 bags per pallet, 20L – 110 bags per pallet; 40L holds 65 bags per pallet).

You may be required to order extra bags to reach the next full pallet amount. Therefore it may be a good idea to offer a cash-and-carry option so that additional purchases can be made at the school. Many schools do very well with this convenient up-sell offer.

Once we receive your payment, we will arrange delivery to your location (at least 2 days prior notice is required for delivery arrangements). We can arrange delivery to any destination!

Call us for current freight rates. Weekday deliveries are preferred. Or if you know someone with a freighting company or a large truck, pick-ups from our South Surrey location are most welcome. Your customers can then pick up their individual order from your designated location.

We deliver anywhere in BC & AB. Call us right away for rates and rebates.

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