Way to Grow


For the past two decades the adventurous folks at Way to Grow have been hiding treasure around Western Canada. Since no one has yet found any of our treasure, this page will give a little more information than some people on our crew would like to divulge. This Top Soil bag made use of QR code technology and consequently is giving those of you who are looking at this page a leg up on the rest of the crowd.


Watch this video:

The location where the Kenzie is standing is less than 300 metres (due south) from the actual marker. Where could it be? (look at her ‘Kenzie Wild Child’ videos on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/user/KenzieWildChild). She gives away her general location in a video where she is fly fishing.


Time for some letters and numbers.

61 59.096
Twenty Three
140 32.316


It is within the bounds of this small section of map from Google Earth.

River Map.png


A stones throw from a river with similarities to a famous album cover by the musical quartet from Liverpool.

There’s more folks!

On a number of other Way to Grow bags there are hidden clues to the whereabouts of special markers. If you venture out (they are all off the beaten path) and find a marker, please return it to our offices here on King George Boulevard in South Surrey for a reward of $500 cash. Every marker is worth $500. It could provide weeks of entertaining searching and code-breaking for the avid mystery-solver with the heart of a geocacher. Maybe it’s a great summer project in the making.

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