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Our manures provide added trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, and other plant growth factors missing in chemical fertilizers. Unlike chemical fertilizers, manures improve soil structure and increase soil workability. Manures provide slow release nutrients. Vegetables grown with manures contain fewer nitrates than chemically grown vegetables. High nitrate consumption has been proven to increase the risk of cancer. Growing with manure improves the taste, aroma (duh!), nutritional value and quality of produce. Vegetables grown with manures have been shown to have up to 12 times as many nutrients as vegetables grown with conventional soils. Further studies have shown organic vegetables contain 6X the levels of salicylic acid as found in conventionally grown vegetables. Salicylic acid (Aspirin) has been linked in other studies to provide effective protection against cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Our rich, fertile manures transform poor worn out dirt into rich and highly productive loam - no doctor visits required.

Chicken Manure

This is the Mount St. Helen’s of manure!  It is power! Power! Power! Potent! Potent! Potent!  The best BANG for your buck!


Mushroom Manure

Do mushrooms poop?  No, but it is a blend of nutrient enriched ingredients with high calcium content which makes for a neutral pH which make this manure the most all-purpose.


Steer Manure

This is feedlot steer manure.  You are what you eat and manure is what you eat. Feedlots feed high nutrient, high protein, high calorie feed to the beef cattle. That is the reason why our steer manure is high horse-power manure.


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