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Vancouver water restrictions started May 15 - Build up the soil now!

May 25th, 2017 | by admin admin | in Soil Additives |    0   comments

The gardening season has begun and so have the water restrictions. You know that you’re going to be facing another summer of your plants getting less water than you’d like, so now is the time to prepare. By building up your soil in the spring, when the rain is pouring down, you can save your plants in the future.

First, you want to figure out exactly what kind of soil you have. What is the texture of your soil? Is it sandy, silty, or full of clay? The easiest way to test this (unless you want to get your soil professionally tested) is to simply place some of your soil in your hand and then wet it. If the soil is gritty, you’ve got sandy soil. If it’s smooth, you’ve got silty soil. If it’s slippery or rubbery, then it’s got a lot of clay. Knowing what kind of soil you have will help you determine the best way to build your soil.

Working the Soil

Remember that a good soil is about 25% air and 25% water. In order to get air into your soil, you’ve got to start aerating it. Also, don’t work your soil when it’s wet, because that could force the air out.

Another good way to get air into your soil is to work plenty of organic matter into your soil, such as manure or compost. Adding things like coffee grounds and chopped leaves with paper and sawdust can make excellent compost for your soil.

To retain water, mulch is a great way to retain the valuable moisture your plants need. Leaves, wood chips, hay or other material can really help keep the soil wet. It also cools the soil, which will be perfect if Vancouver’s summer is dry and hot.

A little work today will be a huge benefit this summer, so get started building up your soil. Your plants will thank you.

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