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Using Landscape Covers for Moisture Retention in Vancouver

June 22nd, 2017 | by admin admin | in Plant Health |    0   comments

We’ve talked about this before with the Vancouver water restrictions – as you start needing to limit how much water you can use, moisture retention becomes a big issue when protecting your gardens and lawns.

It seems obvious, but we’ll say it anyway – your plants need moisture to grow. Soil moisture is very important to the growth and development of all plant life and using landscape covers is an incredibly effective way of protecting your soil. Watering your plants can only do so much. Waiting for a good rainfall isn’t always the answer.

Mulch around a tree

This is why we recommend a good landscape cover, like mulch, bark nuggets, sand, or rocks. You may be thinking to yourself “Rocks? Aren’t rocks just for decoration?”

Yes, it’s true. A good landscape cover is, first and foremost, a decorative tool. Spreading mulch over your garden can cover over the messy dirt underneath and add a new dimension to your landscape. Rocks and sand are perfect for adding colour while also covering up any unsightly areas. They can provide a splash of colour in your garden.

But they also are very valuable for moisture retention. Have you ever noticed that the ground under a rock is always moist? And even on a hot day, the deeper you dig in the sand on a beach, the wetter the sand is. These are natural additions that work perfectly to keep the moisture where it’s supposed to be. They protect your soil from the baking sun and prevent evaporation.

So think of landscape covers as a kind of moisturizing makeup for your garden. On one hand, they make everything look prettier, they cover up the blemishes, and they make your garden look more dynamic and interesting. And they also keep valuable moisture in your soil so that your plants will grow stronger and healthier.

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