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Start your Vancouver Garden Early with Quality Soil and Manure

April 24th, 2017 | by admin admin | in Soil Additives |    0   comments

Spring has arrived, which is one of the busiest times of the year if you want to have a bright and vibrant garden this year. There are three ways to get your garden ready for the coming year.

1.    Quality Soil
Just like you want to eat the healthiest food so that you your body is taken care of, plants want to eat the best nutrients in the soil so that they’re healthy and strong. Depending on where you’re growing your plants (indoor, outdoor, in a planter box), you’ll need different kinds of soils.

2.    Natural Manure
Adding manure to your soil adds nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and other important ingredients that will help your plants get big and strong. It can also help improve soil structure and make your soil easier to work. More importantly for you, natural manures can make your fruits and vegetables healthier for you to eat, so it’s perfect for plants and people.


3.    Landscape Cover
Why pour bark or sand all over your garden? Although it may just be for cosmetic reasons—to look prettier—you can also use this cover to prevent the spread of weeds and to keep the water in your soil.

People living in the Lower Mainland are becoming more and more aware of the environmental costs of using chemical fertilizers and soil with chemical additives. High quality soils and manures, like the ones offered at Way To Grow, are all natural and organic. There are no unpronounceable chemicals in anything we offer—just all-natural ingredients.

Growing a garden in Vancouver, BC, can sometimes seem to be easy, especially compared to other parts of Canada. But with the right ingredients (soil, manure, landscape cover), you can take your garden to a whole new level this year. Start with the right stuff and then everyone will be impressed by your green thumb.

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