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Raising Funds for Your Organization with Way to Grow

August 26th, 2016 | by admin admin | in |    0   comments

Every September when school resumes, teams, sports clubs and schools start coordinating their fundraising efforts for the upcoming year. Chocolates, gift cards, and food items are common fundraisers, but Way to Grow is another option for your organization needing some fresh new options to raise funds. High quality landscaping products such as bark mulch, bagged soils and bagged manure might not seem like typical fundraiser items, yet many BC teams and schools have had success with Way to Grow products.

Our products are nutrient rich and originating from Surrey BC. Many teams and school fundraising groups are looking for quality local products. Our volume discount pricing lets you choose your own selling price, making your profit more flexible. Volume discounts and advertising rebates can also help contribute to your fundraising goals.

With our different products available year-round with different prime-selling seasons, you can run a fundraiser during a fall time-period, spring time-period or both. Our manures are our most popular fundraising product and the prime selling season for manure is from the end of February to the beginning of May or the end of August until November. You can choose one season or both and market your fundraiser accordingly.

You can pre-order your products according to your sales and everything is local and in stock so there are no wait times. As an additional fundraising option, you also have the ability to pre-purchase bags of soil or manure and sell them cash and carry. The choice is yours. We try to make the process as simple as possible by providing our supplied order form, or if you wish, you can use your own.

Way to Grow is committed to working with your team or school on your fundraising project. Our local Surrey BC company is happy to help give back to the community by providing you the ability to fundraise through our company. Call us at 604-590-5889 to discuss your fundraising project.

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