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Landscape Covers - What Are They & Where To Use Them

February 23rd, 2016 | by admin admin | in Containers and Planters |    0   comments

Landscape covers in BC gardens add beauty and function alike.

In most cases, people are using landscape covers for cosmetic purposes, to add a uniform, tidy look to their landscaping. These landscape covers are usually bark mulch, bark nuggets, or stone mulches. If your garden seems to be missing something, try adding one of these covers! Of course, you should know which landscape cover to use and when.

All landscape covers work for weed control and moisture retention – they are not just pretty additions, they will actually do work for your plants.

Bark mulch will last for a long time, and when it breaks down it adds enriching organic matter to your soil. It works very well to keep weeds away.

Bark nuggets are also popular, keeping weeds away and adding texture to your landscaping. Be aware that bark nuggets may float in moving water, or wash away, so try to keep this landscape cover out of areas that get heavy rain.

Stone mulches, like red landscape lava, add a new element of colour and fun to your landscape. These landscape covers stay put very well and are one of the least likely to spread out with time. If you change your mind, however, they can be tricky to remove, so if you are using stones make sure you are happy with the design before moving forward.

You can use various landscape covers in your garden depending on your needs and design preferences, or you can mix and match different types of mulches and nuggets to get the effect you are dreaming of. The good thing is, there are a wide variety of landscape covers available, so you are sure to find exactly what you need for your garden.

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