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Dandelions its the season

June 22nd, 2012 | by admin admin | in Weeds |    0   comments

This troublesome weed is not native to this continent though it is a problem coast to coast.  It was introduced to North America in the late 1600’s by the Hudson Bay Company, being one of the few plants they could grow on the shores to make wine from.
Dandelions especially thrive in BC on the coast because they have a large tap-root.  Killing them without chemical control can be difficult and the use of weed pullers make the job laborious and 30% of the time the tap-root breaks and the weed comes back.  Naturally poisoning them with salt or vinegar has 50/50 success and tends to leave big brown burn spots.

 Part of the remedy should always be to prevent their start in your garden.  Dandelions do not thrive in a calcium rich soil.  Calcium needs water to be available to a plant.  Therefore regular application of lime, oyster, bone or egg shell lime and regular watering will very much hinder the propagation of this weed.  Along with pulling them from your lawn or garden as soon as you see any and never letting any go to flower or seed you can also spot treat with your choice of salt or strong vinegar or chemical weed killer.

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