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Bagged Soils – What We Sell, and What Dirt Works For What Plants

June 29th, 2016 | by admin admin | in Soil Additives |    0   comments

Soil might seem like a simple product but when you start shopping for products for your home and garden planting you will quickly discover that there is a big, wide world of bagged soils on the market. With countless types of bagged soils offering various benefits, you need to know what soil is ideal for your purposes.

bagged-soils.jpgManure – What Type Is Best?

Manures are important to improve your soil and add vital nutrients, allowing your plants to thrive. We sell three main types of manure.

To start with, mushroom manure is great when you are looking for a product with no odour. It is extremely nutritious for your soil, but does contain higher amounts of lime, so be sure your plants can handle lime before applying this type of manure.

Chicken manure is incredibly nutritious but has the strongest smell of the three, so you may need to take precautions to avoid being overwhelmed. This manure also has a higher risk of burn as it does contain high amounts of nitrogen.

Finally, steer manure is a very rich, safe, and easy to use product, with little odour.

The Specifics of Bagged Soil

Bagged soil also comes in various types, dependant on your needs.

Home and garden soil works for both in-home plants and outside in your garden. It does not contain additives like manure, so you will not have to worry about bringing odours into your home. Tropical plant soils also work well for planters you are keeping inside.

If you are planting in planter boxes and hangers, try our planter box soil, which is lighter to keep stress off of your containers.

Our soils that are high in peat moss are great for hot, dry climates as they absorb and hold water longer.

Sometimes, figuring out the best soil and manure for your plants can be confusing, and it is always advisable, when in doubt, to speak with your retailer to find out what soil is best for your planting.

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