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Bagged Soils – The Benefits of Buying Healthy Soil

July 29th, 2016 | by admin admin | in Plant Health |    0   comments

When you buy high-quality soils, the difference is obvious. Our bagged soils are just that – soils, not compost.

Did you know that many bagged soil products are actually made from municipal waste? This means that the ‘soil’ is actually compost, made up of waste from a municipal landfill like animal parts, food scraps, and ground up pallets and lumber from homes and projects. This compost only has to sit for six weeks by regulation standards, and then it can be called soil or dirt.

When you see it in the store it might look like rich, healthy soil, but when your plants start dying off and your soil turns into wood after time outdoors, you’ll see why this dirt is not the same as our healthy products.

Our bagged soils are environmentally mined under very high standards, regulated and controlled every step of the way. Because of this our products are full of humus, natural organic matter that only comes about after thousands of years and plant and animal matter decaying. Humus is high in nutrients vital to keeping soil healthy. Unfortunately, humus cannot be found in waste compost.

When you choose healthy, natural soil, you get results that will allow your plants to thrive for a long time. Instead of chemical fertilizers that make things look good for a few weeks or months, you get real nutrients that keep your plants nurtured year after year.

Because the quality of your bagged soil makes such an impact on the health of your garden, lawn, and planters, it is important to buy from experienced retailers who are experts on everything to do with the product.

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